Timber is not simply wood. Depending on when the timber was felled, branch and trunk quality can vary considerably. If it is felled in accordance with the forestry lunar calendar it is believe that its stability, durability, fire resistance, toughness and resistance to pest infestation are greatly influenced. Moon timber combines the forces of Nature, and provides a durable raw material. It scarcely suffers from shrinkage, is crack-free, unlikely to wrap, and resistant to rot or insect infestation, as well as being weatherproof. 

Daniel Gentile’s FERRUM workshop is one of the last offering custom metalwork. Daniel works in a way that blends the contemporary zeitgeist with the right touch of nostalgia, combining historical influences from Europe and Asia with modern techniques to create wonderful watches and one-of-a-kind knives and swords. He is trained in the over 2500 years old craft of pattern welding - the making of the legendary “Damascus Steel”. If you are interested in taking a forging class or would like to order a watch or a unique blade, please contact us.

An amazing 1951 Jowett Jupiter and an Apple Green 1970 De Tomaso Mangusta with a 4.7 litre 289 small block Ford engine – as used in early Cobras and GT 40’s - can be seen in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill and the video for Kylie Minogue’s hit video ‘Can’t get you out of my head’. These cars are available for rental for both photos and film projects. If you are interested in using one or both of these cars for a project, please contact us. Aspiring drivers of these fine automobiles will have to pass the Rough Luxe test!

Founded by Marco Barcella and Emanuela Frattini Magnusson, who comes from a renowned, Italian family of architects and designers, Manù designs and manufactures high quality, colour customisable, leather accessories distributed exclusively online. The hides are sourced from the finest tanneries in Italy, and are subsequently transformed into products by traditional craftsmen in the New England region of the United States. For Manù, true luxury is the individual’s enjoyment of intrinsic quality. From the finest materials, in hundreds of beautiful colours to the simple designs and distinctive craftsmanship; Manù is built on a philosophy that defines its products.

Once upon a time there was a Swiss Zen archer who made all his own bows from fine woods and bamboos. To do this he used methods which today have largely become forgotten. With the same attention to artistic detail he also produced wooden combs. One of these found its way to the Zen archer Alice Krüsi (Design A), upon whom the versatility of wood exercises a tremendous fascination. Inspired by this, she took up the idea and designed a comb shape for everyday use, the Royal Comb. In a sense, the genesis of the comb already carried within it the concept of a fitting hairbrush. The designer considered the 100 brushstrokes per day which make hair healthy and glossy, and turned her attention to the development of a suitable tool. Drawing upon the know-how and support of a traditional brush-maker, she created a hairbrush which is both functional as well as an aesthetic object. Woods steeped in history such as 100 year-old rosewood from a private source or yew wood from the trees of Kyburg are transformed by skilful hands into wood for brushes. In a sheltered workshop, specialists exercise painstaking precision to draw tufts of bristles from free-living Chinese wild boar or the hair of Swiss goats into the brushes by hand. The finished brushes are pleasing haptic and visual experiences, unique items manufactured in Switzerland, which become loyal companions. The fine woods and silky surface treatments of perfect Chinese lacquer
or dragon’s blood polish invite and encourage users to handle the hairbrushes with great care and attention.

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